Sun's Eye Collection - Spray
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Sun's Eye Collection - Spray



Essential oil mixture, bath and cologne (2.8 oz).

White Sage Clearing Spray: Sage is heavy-duty and can easily cleanse you and your space. However, it can also clear out the positive energy that you want to keep because of its strength. But don’t worry, you can easily invite it back; just keep this in mind before using sage. You can invite positive spirits back by positive music and meditation to set intentions, dance, and crystal ceremonies. Lightly mist in rooms or on belongings.

Palo Santo Clearing Spray: Palo Santo, which means “holy wood” in Spanish, is a cut-up wood from the Bursera Graveolens trees often sourced from Ecuador. It is best known for its ability to add positivity to your space, whereas sage removes negativity. That’s why using sage and palo santo together is a good thing. So if you are wondering if you should use sage or palo santo first, the answer is clear. Spray sage first to clear out the bad energy, and then the palo santo to bring back the good ones. If you simply want to encourage positive energy while purifying the air, palo santo is the better choice as its scent is relaxing and calming. Another thing that you should note is not to follow up spraying palo santo with any steps as this adds positivity back to your space, and you want to keep that energy. You should always be mindful when using any of the two, as your intentions play a massive part in both practices. Lightly mist in rooms or on belongings.

Ritual Mist: Use to prepare your space, spirit and energy for rituals or magic work. Lightly mist in rooms or on belongings.

Protection: The protective oil repels and neutralizes all negative waves, spell and witchcraft. Restores good vibes. Allows you to turn things around and gain the upper hand. Lightly mist in rooms or on belongings.

Attraction: Attract love, abundance and luck with this fine mist. Lightly mist in rooms or on belongings.

Love Drawing: This cologne and bath is to attract, seduce the person who is important to you, strengthens the bonds in a couple, concretizes a relationship through a marriage. Lightly mist in rooms or on belongings.

Warning: Not safe for consumption, do not consume.

Color: Blue, Purple, White
Size: 20, 24
Material: 100% Polyester